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PortalManager - Online Content Management Solution

Portal Manager allows clients to update their sites from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. Some benefits include full daily backups, structured data storage, full database searching and indexing functionality.

Product features:

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PortalManager is secure and cannot be accessed without your unique username and password. Additional security is also available for clients with more sensitive data.

Users have the ability to add entirely new content sections to their website. A navigation button will automatically be created and linked to the new content that has been added.

PortalManager is designed to be entirely modular. New modules are added on a regular basis and specific modules can be developed to fit your exact needs.

Our expert team of Graphic designers will develop your website exactly as you want it. Most other Content Management Systems create websites from templates, making all the website designs look the same.

All websites are designed to gain maximum favourability with all major local and international search engines. Our expert consultants will assist you in structuring your content to gain maximum search engine optimization.

Free technical assistance is available during office hours. After-hours support can be made available should it be required.

Create and store groups of subscribers online and correspond with them via mass email. This system is ideal for sending out newsletters and promotions. Multiple emails can be created and stored online. Individual groups of subscribers can be targeted. Let our expert team of designers create professional templates for your mailer - all you need to do is add content to them. Select who you'd like to receive the mail, and send.

The Products module in PortalManager can interface with any E-Commerce system. Users will be able to add products/items to a shopping cart. The checkout facility can tie into any one of the many available payment gateways.

Create secure sections on your website that are only accessible with an individualized username and password. You can assign individual passwords to clients - especially useful for placing sensitive clients' data online (quotations, invoices, etc.).